Stanford e-Japanとは、日本の高校生がアメリカの社会と文化を学ぶために、スタンフォード大学国際異文化教育プログラム(Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education (SPICE))によって開設されたオンライン教育プログラムです。受講生は、今年の5月から9月までの期間、ディスカッション、事前・事後課題などのため週に3~4時間の学習時間を割り当てながら、10~12回の60分間の英語でのバーチャルクラス(日本時間の土曜日午後1時(米国西海岸時間:金曜午後9時)スタート)に参加し、最終的には英文で個人課題研究を仕上げます。プログラムの完遂時にはスタンフォード大学・SPICE から修了証が授与されます。



“Stanford e-Japan” Is Launched

May 30th, 2015

“Stanford e-Japan” is a distance-learning course sponsored by the Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education (SPICE), which enrolls high school students in Japan to engage in an intensive study of U.S. society and culture. They will participate in 10-12 60-minute “virtual classes” via the Internet from May to September 2015. They are also required to allot 3-4 hours per week to complete the lectures, discussions, readings, and assignments. The course will culminate in an independent research project. Students who successfully complete the course will receive a Certificate of Completion from SPICE, Stanford University.

From Takatsuki High School two highly motivated second-year students of the GA course applied to this course and both were admitted to it. They have not lived long overseas, but study English hard here in Takatsuki.

The kick-off session of the course was held at 1 pm on May 30th. Using PCs on which a special application is installed, course students in turn introduced themselves briefly to the instructor and around 30 course mates throughout Japan. Both of the Takatsuki students also did well.