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School Context

  • Founded in 1940, Private, Coeducational(2017~), 7-12 grade school (HS:10-12)
  • About 1600 students (boys 6: girls 4)
  • Designated as SSH(Super Science Highschool) / SGHN(Super Global Highschool Network)
  • Cambridge Better Learning Partner(2020~)


To respond to the passionate desire of local people for secondary education in the Hokusetsu region, the northern part of Osaka Prefecture, Takatsuki High School was founded in 1940 by the following three key persons, Mr. Kenzo Todo, chairman of Osaka Medical College (currently Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University), and Mr. Yaemon Isomura, the first mayor of Takatsuki City, and Mr. Kakunosuke Niekawa, director of the Keihan Electric Railway. At its founding, Mr. Noboru Yoshikawa, vice principal of Nada Junior High School, was appointed as the first principal to take the helm of education. Since 2014, the school has had a 3-course system (Global Leader Course/Global Science Course /Global Advanced Course). Since its foundation, the school had been a six-year boys’ school, but after receiving first female students in grade 7 in 2017, it became totally coeducational in 2022. In spring 2020, the campus renovation project, which had been conducted for five years as a project for the 80th anniversary of its foundation, was completed, creating an ideal campus environment including the new library, the new auditorium, the nine science laboratories, the traditional Japanese culture room, and so on. Due to our founding history, we have partnered with Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University in our education. Currently, around 16,000 graduates are playing active roles in various fields both domestically and internationally.

About us

Takatsuki’s Inquiry-Based Learning 

Through Project-based learning, in which students decide on their themes and research on them, students acquire the skills to become science leaders of the next generation who will be at the forefront of advanced science based on the school mission. The school has been designated as a super science high school (second period) by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for five years starting in 2019, following the first period beginning in 2014. In implementing the SSH project, the GS course plays a central role. By promoting partnerships in education not only with Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University, which is under the same educational foundation, but also with some top national universities nearby, the school provides students with various skills to survive in this unpredictable world.

Takatsuki’s global education

The school was designated as a Super Global High School by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (2016-2020) and is a participating school in the Super Global High School Network (2021-). In close collaboration with Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University, we are focusing on the global issue of “global health” with support from the Kyoto University Global Health Interdisciplinary Unit, focusing on the liberal arts and sciences. To nurture future global leaders who have a profound awareness of the significance of global health through working on various global social issues, in the first year of high school, GA(Global Advanced) course students will conduct a research project and make an interim presentation at a high school in Taipei City. In their second year of high school, they will conduct fieldwork in the Republic of Palau in the South Pacific with the support of government officials from that country.

Utilize your advanced English proficiency with a global mindset

Our school has introduced a world-class English curriculum and several overseas study programs that awaken students’ intrinsic motivation. We develop global leaders from both their minds and skills. Having a global mind is about more than just learning English. It is necessary to create a sense of diversity through history, international understanding, and practical experience. For this reason, the school has introduced a world-class English curriculum and developed several overseas study programs that awaken students’ intrinsic motivation. We develop global leaders with both skills and experience.

Extracurricular Activities

American Football / Kendo / Baseball(JS・HS) / Tennis / Soccer / Table Tennis / Basketball / Volleyball / Badminton / Rugby / Track and Field / Dance / Wonder Vogel Club

Brass Band Club / Igo / Chemistry / Flower Arrangement / Tea Ceremony / Shogi / Light Music Club / Simulation Study / Biology / Railway / Electronic Physics Study / Art / English Speaking Society

Matriculations (2023)

  • Total 1046
    • National/Public Universities 202
    • Private Universities 836
    • Overseas 3
    • Others 5

(The listing below reflects schools where 5 or more have been matriculated)

  • National/Public Universities
    • The University of Tokyo 5
    • Kyoto University 27
    • Osaka University 25
    • Kobe University 22
    • Hokkaido University 7
    • Kyoto Institute of Technology 7
    • University of Hyogo 6
    • Osaka Metropolitan University 28
  • Private Universities
    • Sophia University 5
    • Tokyo University of Science 15
    • Waseda University 13
    • Kyoto Pharmaceutical University 7
    • Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University 20
    • Kansai Medical University 10
    • Hyogo Medical University 9
    • Kansai University 73
    • Kwansei Gakuin University 94
    • Doshisha University 101
    • Ritsumeikan University 188
    • Kindai University 149