Welcome to Takatsuki’s “Academic Forest”


本校の「学びの森」は、様々なジャンルのことがらをことばで書き記した「紙の書物」で覆われています。本校生には、将来、グローバルマインドをもったリーダーとして活躍されることを願っています。しかし、皆さんの活躍の場となる地球(グローブ)は、科学技術の進歩によってもたらされた人間社会の大きな豊かさがある一方で、容易に解決できない難題も次々と発生しています。この「学びの森」に分け入ると、地球上の自然環 境や社会的環境(歴史・文化)に関する有益な情報はもとより、過去の偉人がどのように物事を考え、新しい学問を打ち立て、科学技術を発展させ、人類に福音をもたらしたのかについても興味深い情報(=教養)を見出すことができます。



学校長 工 藤 剛

In autumn 2018 Takatsuki’s “Academic Forest” was born in our school campus. In “natural” forests, which are filled with many kinds of trees, insects and animals, with sunlights filtering down between the leaves, we feel gentle breezes and hear beautiful songs of birds. But sometimes storms break such harmonies, causing forests to show us very unfriendly faces. In ancient times, humans made their living by getting necessary things in forests. Such human society is called Society 1.0. For hunting animals, they had to work in cooperation with their mates and they needed practical knowledge based on their experience on weather and hunting tools. By accumulating wisdom they were successful in enjoying the blessings of forests and gradually built up stable living conditions.

Our “Academic Forest” is filled with paper books on a variety of fields. Students of Takatsuki High School are expected to be future leaders with a global mindset. On the globe, where you are to play active roles in the future, humans already enjoy great affluence brought by the advancement of scientific technology, while serious issues which cannot be easily solved are emerging one after another. In the “Academic Forest” you will find out not only useful information on natural environments on the earth and social environments such as histories and cultures but also interesting information on how great figures of the past thought, created new academic disciplines, developed scientific technology and brought happiness to humans.

In the “Academic Forest” away from noise, you will come across the very right books, stop moving as if a spell were cast on you, get absorbed in them and even in thought. On the open space adjacent to the Forest called the Active Learning Commons, you can talk and cooperate with your mates and deepen your studies. Repeating this process will bring you lots of blessing of this Forest, enhance your abilities as humans and help you to play active roles around the globe filled with changes and diversities.

Why not step into this “Academic Forest” to make the most of the privileges of being a student of Takatsuki High School?

Tsuyoshi Kudo, Principal


蔵 書約6万冊、8.1万冊まで対応
面 積1,155平方メートル(バックヤード含む)