専門研究者によるプレゼンテーションの内容は高校生には高いレベルでしたが、レセプションでは、本校生が医学分野の世界トップ大学の若手研究者の方々と打ち解けた話ができ、将来に向けてのモチベーションアップに一役買う機会となりました。また、2月のGAコースの台湾研修旅行で訪問する國立臺灣大學公共衛生學院の陳為堅(Dr. Wei J. Chen)学部長、詹長權(Dr. Chang Chuan Chan)副学部長ともお会いでき、生徒に激励のことばをかけて頂きました。

2015 Kyoto Global Conference for Rising Public Health Researchers 「若手パブリックヘルス研究者京都国際会議」見学

  • 日 時:2015年12月2日 午後3時10分~午後8時
  • 場 所:京都大学医学部 芝蘭会館 稲盛ホール
  • テーマ:Aging Society and Community Health(社会の高齢化とコミュニティヘルス)
  • 内 容:医学分野における世界のトップ13大学から約50名が参加
  • 見学者:GAコース高校生7名(高1:5名、高2:2名)

GA Students Visit 2015 Kyoto Global Conference for Rising Public Health Researchers

December 2, 2015

Thanks to our partnership with the Kyoto University Global Health Interdisciplinary Unit, Dr. Masahiro Kihara, director of the KUGHIU, professor of global health and socio-epidemiology at the School of Medicine of Kyoto University kindly invited us to a two-day international conference for rising public health researchers hosted by Kyoto University School of Public Health, and seven of the students in the GA course visited Kyoto University and had a chance to see part of the program.

Though the presentations by professional researchers in the conference were beyond the level of high school students, we were also invited to the evening reception, and the students very much enjoyed frankly talking with researchers from the world’s top universities in the field of medicine. The evening was surely an opportunity to intellectually stimulate the students’ future career plans. Also, we were able to meet Dr. Wei J. Chen, Dean of the College of Public Health, National Taiwan University and Dr. Chang Chuan Chan, Vice Dean of the College, which first-year students in GA course are scheduled to visit on its study tour next February. Both of the distinguished scientists gave great encouragement to the students.

Visit to 2015 Kyoto Global Conference for Rising Public Health Researchers Conference

Theme: “Aging Society and Community Health”
Date / Time: 15:10-20:00, December 2, 2015
Venue: Inamori Hall, Shirankaikan, Kyoto University
Participants: 5 first-year students, 2 second-year students