2015 年2月2日~2月5日


  1. 現地連携高校(延平高級中學)での英語での「課題研究」中間発表と学校交流
  2. コースのメインテーマであるグローバルヘルスに関わる台湾のトップ2大学(國立臺灣大學・臺北醫學大學)訪問
  3. グローバルマインドセット育成のためのグローバル企業(JTB台湾・台湾富士ゼロックス・台湾森永製菓)での研修


The 1st Study Tour to Taiwan Is Held

February 2-5, 2015

We successfully carried out our First Study Tour to Taiwan, which consisted of the following three elements:

(1) The students’ presentations of their research projects at a Taipei’s leading high school in partnership with Takatsuki High School

(2) Visiting two leading universities in the field of global health and having a chance to listen to special lectures. One was made by a first-class researcher of global health and the other was made by a medical practitioner who is an authority on health care in Taiwan

(3) Learning the ABC of the actual circumstances of global business by listening to special lectures by the managers of the local affiliates of some Japanese business corporations which have globally been expanding their business areas

This was a newly planned school event as an important occasion to round off the first-year studies in the GA course. Through this tour the students learned a lot (e.g. the significance of awareness of a variety of determinants closely affecting health problems in the world, the modern history of Taiwan in terms of the relations between Taiwan and Japan, and the necessity of promoting mutual understanding between the Taiwanese and the Japanese as they are important partners for each other). We were so pleased to receive very warm hospitality everywhere we went. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all who were concerned with this tour.

Here are some examples of the themes of the research projects:

  • Global Health and the Privatization of Water Supplies — How To Supply Safe Water —
  • Global Health and Global Warming
  • Global Health and Financial Aid from Developed Counties
  • The Relations between Regional Disputes and PTSD
  • The Relations between HIV and Poverty
  • Climate Changes and Dengue Fever
  • A New Idea of Literacy Education — Literacy Is Mightier Than Shields —
  • Gender Problems in Middle Eastern Countries — What the Japanese Can Do —

Many thanks to: Yanpin High School

  • Mr. Yung-Shun Liu, Principal
  • Mr. Minton Yang, Vice Principal
  • Mr. Han Yon Chang, Dean of Academic Affairs Office
  • Ms. Hsing-Shu Hsiao, Director of the Foreign Language Center
  • Many Yanpin volunteer students who took care of the Takatsuki students College of Public Health, National Taiwan University
  • Professor Chang-Chuan Chan Taipei Medical University
  • Dr. Lee Hong-Hsin JTB Taiwan Ltd
  • Mr. Mitsuru Hayashida, Chairman Fuji Xerox Taiwan Corporation
  • Mr. Ken Fujita, Manager
  • Mr. Shioya Kazuhiro, project Manager
  • Mr. Jumpei Tabata, project Manager Taiwan Morinaga Co., Ltd
  • Mr. Shigemi Hayashi, former President At Yanpin High School