The 5th Global Seminar by A Foreign Researcher Is Held

June 16th, 2015

On June 16th the school invited a young Afghan medical doctor Mr. Mohammad Sediq Hazratzai from the Department of Global Health and Socio-epidemiology, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University and held the fifth Global Seminar. He introduced his country’s geography, history, culture, and relations between Afghanistan and Japan, and talked about his research at Kyoto University. Predictably, it was very shocking to hear directly from an Afghan about critical situations such as people’s daily lives in jeopardy of getting involved in fighting or suicide bombings, large gaps of educational circumstances between cities and remote areas, and high-risk health issues like a fact that polio still exists in the country. Hearing that in the face of such complex and challenging situations Afghans are trying to accept the reality by looking on the bright side of things and also most Afghans are showing respect for Japanese, we couldn’t help but feel the necessity of thinking seriously about what Japanese can do.

5th Global Seminar
Guest Lecturer: Dr. Mohammad Sediq Hazratzai, M.P.H. candidate, Kyoto University
The topic: “Challenges of healthcare in countries suffering from conflict and its importance to global health – a case study of Afghanistan”