GA Students Attend A Seminar of Kyoto University Global Health Interdisciplinary Unit

April 15th, 2015

The kickoff seminar of the Kyoto University Global Health Interdisciplinary Unit, which has extended educational assistance to the GA course, was held in Memorial Auditorium of School of Medicine, Kyoto University. The one-hour memorial lecture was delivered by Dr. Peter Piot, Director of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who is a co-discoverer of Ebola virus and a world authority on global health.

He spoke on the subject of “Ebola’s Perfect Storm.” At the invitation of Dr. Masahiro Kihara, who is the director of the KUGHIU and a professor of global health and socio-epidemiology at the School of Medicine of Kyoto University, twenty-five students of the GA course attended the seminar.

At the Q&A session, a student of Takatsuki showed his nerve by asking the first question to the authority. Dr. Piot gave him an intelligible answer with respect. A message we received from Dr. Kihara? after the seminar saying he was glad to promote cooperation to the takatsuki GA course to build an ideal high school-university partnership should be appreciated.